"I Love Waterbury..."

"I Love Waterbury."

How often do you hear that being said?  Probably not very.

Admitedly, Waterbury has its faults.  Sure, it's not perfect. Not at all.

But, in all honesty, there is a lot to love about our fair Brass City.

For one thing, the Green is great!  I absolutely love it.  It's a place that

holds a ton of memories for me.  I still remember when I would go there

to wait for my bus to go to work early every morning.

And let's not forget Holy Land.  To be honest, no one is supposed to go there...

but I'm sure I'm not the only one to have taken secret trips there every

now and again.

But, of course, there is one place that is perhaps the most recognizable, and

that would be this place:

Yes, as the above clip form WTNH illustrates, the Clock Tower is perhaps our last beacon
since the Holy Land cross was, well, minimized.

Why am I pointing all this out? Why should you care?

Because here at Pete and Chris Amusements, we are Waterbury born and bred.

Maybe that's not good enough a reason for some, but it's a good enough
reason for me to come back from Japan to stay here!

Best regards,

Chris Paliulis
Pete and Chris Amusements Co-Founder


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