Upcoming Amusements!!! for the Week of 10/04/2012

Hey y'all!

Pete and Chris here, and we got a bunch of stuff to get excited over!

Upcoming Events:

- On Saturday October 6th on the streets of downtown Winsted, we will be at the Windsted Fall Festival! Come join us at our Table-Top Carnival! As usual, it will be $2 per game, or 3 games for $5! Lots of great prizes to win! And of course, consolation prizes too!

On top of that, we will be doing some more of our walk-around entertainment! This will include our walk-around magic and glass-walking shows!

- On Sunday October 7th, we will also be at the New Haven Ocean Festival! Pete will be a pirate on stilts (as pirates are wont to be) and Chris will be portraying Christopher Columbus! We will also be providing small gifts and activities as we walk on by!

Available Now:

- "B.S." 2: The Wreckoning Episode 1x01 - Sledge makes a triumphant return to Public Access and discusses his... conflicting feelings.

- On this week's episode of Go! Go! OJ-FWA FIGHT TV, we FINALLY can show the rest of what happened between Reiko Hikawa, Mina and Moemi Amano!


All this and more! Stay tuned to Pete & Chris Amusements for more fun!


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