Upcoming Amusements!!! - For the week of 10/17/2012

Upcoming Events:

- Pete and Chris Amusements will be offering IT ALL (!) at the Lion's Club's Pumpkin Festival Saturday October 20th, at Seth Thomas Park in Thomaston from 1pm to 4pm. In addition to a pumpkin decorating contest, there will be food and vendors galore!  Pete and Chris Amusements will be supplying all sorts of amusements and goodies... from their trademark Table-Top Carnival, to Cotton Candy, to even time in their BOUNCE HOUSE!!!

Available Now:

- Pete and Chris Amusements present: ALIEN MAGIC! Yes folks, Pete does a "one of a kind" magic show, straight from the bowels of the Bitter End in Waterbury, CT!

- Prixel Derp Reviews Haunted Hill for the Commodore 64!  In a first review for Prixel Derp, we take a look at a lost shareware classic!

- "B.S." 2: The Wreckoning, Episode 1x02 - October 18th, 2002 - Sledge discusses stupid people doing stupid things, and something that WOULD CHANGE ALL OUR LIVES.

- Go! Go! OJ-FWA FIGHT TV on VBCtv.com Episode 40IKU vs. Eriko! The Spoiler vs. John "(C)" McKay! All that and more on this week's episode!

Stay tuned for MORE amusements from Pete and Chris Amusements!


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