P and C Network: Go! Go! OJ-FWA FIGHT TV Episode 1

Show Description:
Welcome to the inaugural episode of Go! Go! OJ-FWA FIGHT TV!

We recap what went down between OJ-FWA Sekai Ningen-kyuu Champion Hidenori Tsujimoto and the new #1 contender Caleb Dod... as well as the egomaniacal Jack Dod.

In action, scheduled to join us is Amazonas, making her OJ-FWA debut!

We'll see Flash Jones in action... in the boxing ring!

Next, we'll have So Ryung Park in action!

Finally, it's a new chapter for the old rivalry: John "(C)" "Mickey Mofo" McKay squares off against Edison's Frank!

For production notes on this first episode of the VBCTV machinima series, check out Matsumoto TV Behind The Scenes!


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