Do you love carnivals?  Do you like the atmosphere, the barkers, the PRIZES??

You can have all of that and MORE with the Pete & Chris Amusements Table Top Carnival!

Get the full carnival experience, at a fraction of the space!  12 to 24 miniature carnival style games in one small tent!

Get the brothers Paliuli as your carnival hosts! Have your guests be able to win prizes, or save money by not including them!

Great for carnivals, fairs, festivals, and fund raisers! It even makes for SPECTACULAR birthday parties!

For details and pricing structure, please see our MASTER PRICE LIST.

Here are some of the countless games you can have with theTable Top Carnival!

In free play, score as much as you can 
in 30 seconds!

Bounce  the ball in to score 50 points, or toss it in 
for 100 points to win a prize!

Bounce In!
 A Pete and Chris Amusements Original! One of our
most challenging games! Bounce your ball into the
center cone to win a medium prize!


You pick a pop, and if your pop has a red mark, you
win a prize! It's that simple!

Like our Giant Size variety, you choose your number,
drop your disc, and if your number comes up,
you win!
Skill Ball!

Another Pete and Chris Amusements Original!
Try to carefully roll your marble to get 100 points for
a prize!

Wooden Bottle Smash!

Can you knock all the bottles off the stool?

Air Ball!

Launch a ball and catch it on the
air stream!

Bean Bag Tic-Tac-Toe!

In Free Play, play against an opponent to see who can
get Tic-Tac-Toe the quickest! You can upset your
opponent by changing their squares!

In Carnival, try to get a Tic-Tac-Toe in six shots for a prize!

Feed the Whale!

Toss balls at the whale's mouth.  Will they stick?

Frog Bean Bag Toss!

A great toss game option for your small
flies... er fry!

Knock all the frogs down for a prize!

Ball in a Box!

Another Pete & Chris Amusements Original!

Bounce the ball into the box for a prize!

Can Smash!

Using the bean bags, knock all the cans down for
a prize!

Balloon Darts!

The carnival classic! Bust one to win!

Cover the Spot!

Drop the discs in just the right way in order
to cover the spot!
A ridiculously fun table-top pendulum game!

You get three swings, and you must knock the
ball off the track!
Classic Bean Bag Toss!

Can you get you bean bags in all three
of their mouths?

Crayon Flip!

The sleeper hit of the Pete and Chris Originals!

Drop crayons into the candelabra and hopefully
you can get one to stay standing!

Feed it delicious BRAINS!
Softball Toss!
Another carnival classic!

Try to get one ball in for a prize!

And we're not even done here!  Keep watching this space, though.  More to come!


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