Fun Food! - Popcorn!

As the video shows you how to use our machine to MAKE the popcorn...

... how about some ideas on how to PLAY with your popcorn?

Protip: Best done outdoors. Trust us.

Popcorn Race
You just need 2 bowls of popcorn and some small cups. Have the children run and get a cup of popcorn and get it to another bowl across the room. The first team that can do this completely is the winner!

Popped Corn Atop the Domepiece
Split your kids into 2 teams. Give each team a cup of popcorn. Have each player take turns walking with the cup of popcorn on their heads, across the room, around a chair and back to their team. Play for a specified amount of time, like maybe 3 minutes. The team that has the most popcorn left wins!

Spider Kids
In this game, kids can act like spiders who are catching flies, IE those buttery kernels of popcorn. Have a set of various utensils available for children to choose from. Place a covering on the floor to catch stray popcorn. In the middle of the covering, place a popcorn popper. After choosing a utensil, kids should sit around the popper on the edges of the floor covering. While the popcorn flies out of the popper, kids must stay seated but try to catch the popped corn from where they are using their utensil of choice. Only popcorn that falls into their utensils count; your precious snowflakes cannot pick up what has already hit the floor; after all, that wouldn't be sanitary. After all the popcorn has popped, kids count the number of popcorn flies caught. The little arachnoid rugrats can be rewarded based on who has the most popcorn.


Popcorn Sheep
To create the sheep's body, use a pencil to trace around one hand on a piece of pink construction paper or cardstock. Use scissors and carefully cut around the traced hand print. Use a crayon or marker to draw a face or other details on your sheep. Use glue to attach the popped popcorn onto the palm area of your hand print to be the sheep's fleece. Before you move it, let the glue dry!

After that, post your youngling's work of art for the entire family to see!

That's all we got for now! Feel free to add more in the comments section below! We'll include them!


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