Pete and Chris Amusements BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL!!!!!!

Black Friday Specials... you hear them on the radio... you see them on TV or the Internet...

But you've NEVER seen a Black Friday special like THIS!!!

Not to mention, this is the only day of the year you can get these savings!

Any entertainment, rental, or party booked (or at least notified, via voice mail) during these certain time periods on November 29th (Black Friday), 2013 and paid for in full by Sunday 12/01/13 will receive these discounts:

12am to 1am: 60% Off!

1am to 2am: 50% Off!

2am to 4am: 40% Off!

4am to 5am: 30% Off!

5am to 7am: 25% Off!

And the rest of Black Friday until 11:59 pm: 10% Off!

It's not just a sale... it's a GAME! And games are what we do!

You must either Facebook notify, email, or call and leave a message at those particular times and we will contact you back during that day for details! 203-808-1767 or 203-233-7404!


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