UPDATE! Week of August 18, 2014

Incredulous Chris here! We've got quite the week lined up for ya!

Wednesday and Thursday August 20 & 21st:
The Lodges at Cresthaven
Lake George, NY
This week Presto Pete and DJ Soup are at the Lodges at Cresthaven in Lake George, New York doing all sorts of activities, including running or tabletop carnival, doing  temporary tattoos, tie dye t-shirts, outdoor activities, magic lessons, and of course the northeast's ONLY two (person) kids magic show!

Wednesday August 20th:
Movie on the Green
Naugatuck Green, Naugatuck CT, 8pm -10pm
It's a free family movie night, drive-in style!  The main feature will be Disney's Finding Nemo!  But that's not all!  We'll also have a silent Disney cartoon from 1923, one of Disney's first series' called 'The Alice Comedies,' a first in animation as it combines live action and animation, and it's one of the first films to do so!  Starring Virginia Davis as Alice.  Incredulous Chris will Emcee!  Brought to you by the Naugatuck Public Works Department and the Naugatuck Board of Education!

Saturday and Sunday, August 21 and 22nd:
Tag Sale
21 Bussemy Ave, Oakville, CT, 8am-3pm
Presto and I will be here selling a number of books and crafts from the Sonia Paliulis Memorial Library, as well as all sorts of other items such as children's toys, clothes, DVDs, and MUCH more!

Sunday, August 22nd:
Meet a Superhero Day
VFW, Davis Street, Oakville, CT 12pm-5pm
Pete and Chris Amusements will have our one-of-a-kind bounce house there at this one-of-a-kind event were you get to meet some of the world's greatest superheroes!  Superman is confirmed, but there will be MORE!!! Come on out and meet your favorite super heroes while meeting the REAL heroes of the VFW!

We also have a few private magic shows and birthday parties this weekend! The fun doesn't stop with Pete and Chris Amusements!


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