THIS MONTH - MAGIC Karaoke and Trivia Events Schedule

Looking for a fun night out?  Look no further than a MAGIC Karaoke or Tryvia Tyme event from Pete and Chris Amusements!

Sing the week's stresses away as DJ Presto and DJ Incredulolus host CT's most fun, active, and supportive night of karaoke!  We make you feel like a star!  We can be your backup dancers, backup singers, and hype up the crowd during your performance!

For Tryvia Tyme, instead of the same old kind of trivia you get at other places, we treat it as if it is a game show!  Enjoy your food and beverages and answer interesting questions about history, music, sports and more!

Upcoming MAGIC Karaoke and Tryvia Tyme events from Pete and Chris Amusements events:


EVERY Tuesday:
Join us at The Tapp in Tarrytown NY (Sleepy Hollow) for Tryvia Tyme!  It turns pub trivia into a game show with a game board to choose categories and questions, and three wacky energetic hosts who know a little bit about a lot of stuff!

Time: 7:30pm to 10pm
Address: 17 N Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591

SATURDAY September 21st and October 12th: 
We return to Berlin, CT to bring MAGIC Karaoke to Tavern on the Trax!

Time: 9p to ? 

Address: 845 Farmington Ave, Berlin, CT

SATURDAY September 7th: 
Presto Pete, Incredulous Chris and DJ Snax open the floor for YOU to sing what you want this Saturday at Rider's Smokehouse (the former Rider's Cafe) in Thomaston, CT! 

Time: 6p to ? 

Address: 2627 Waterbury Rd, Thomaston, CT 06787

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