Prom DJs!


Prom DJs

Who We Are...

We are Pete and Chris Amusements, Connecticut’s premiere event DJs! We have DJed every sort of event, from birthday parties, to class reunions, to weddings (the last of which really is the ultimate test)! We have a massive, ever expanding library of hot music, many in both original and clean versions.

We've been DJing for the past 5 years, finally becoming full time two years ago. We make it a point to be nothing less than professional and courteous every gig.

Where We've Performed...
While the majority of our DJ work has been for private engagements, we’ve performed publicly for Town of Naugatuck events, First Night Saratoga Springs, NY, and even DJed for bars in the Bronx. Currently, we DJ and host our Magic Karaoke for TGI Friday’s in Waterbury (a gig that has been ongoing for two years), and once a month for Tavern on the Trax in Berlin.

What Our Show Involves...
We are an ULTRA high energy group. We are a trio consisting of the DJ (DJ Incredulous), an Emcee (DJ Presto), and a Lighting Tech (DJ Snax). We each specialize in our own division, thus able to give each facet exactly the attention they, and your students, deserve.

We need next to NO equipment from you. We carry pretty much everything that we need for a great show. Just an accessible power outlet. And only another if our lighting is being used.

We have a lot of equipment, but we have set up and broken down so much, it’s like second nature to us. This means that we will always be ready to go on time, and we will always be able to clear out by the time your time at the venue is complete.

We have a wide array of lights and lasers to give that dance club feel. While it is difficult to show the actions of these lights in a static document such as this, we have sprinkled a number photos of our lighting throughout this document.

Our lights function with a combination of sound detection, and masterful manual work by our Light Tech DJ Snax.

Other Notes:
  • You can choose what kinds of music/songs can or cannot be played.
  • You can choose whether to let everyone request songs, certain people, or no one.
  • We always bring back up laptops and hard drives, because we know that tech problems can creep up when it’s least expected. Your event is SAFE!
  • We are absolutely reliable. Once it’s booked, the date is all yours.


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