July 10th: Lee Library - Balloon Animal Lessons

Lee Library - Balloon Animal Lessons
Where: Lee Library, 100 Main St, Lee, MA 01238
When: July 10th 2017; 1pm

Pete and Chris Amusements, in conjunction with the Lee Library, presents Balloon Animal Lessons!

Come join your sons of slapstick, Presto Pete and Incredulous Chris, as they joke around and teach kids how to twist and form balloons into fun animals and objects that they can use to impress their friends, family, and social media followers!

100 Main St, Lee, MA 01238

+1 413-243-0385

ABOUT PETE AND CHRIS AMUSEMENTS - Pete and Chris Amusements are a 2-man kid's comedy magic show that captures kid's attention and doesn't let go.  They are regular performers for the New York Public Library System and their 92 branches, as well as the Worcester and Lee Libraries.  They have also performed at the Salem Arts Festival, Newburyport Spring Fest, and an extended run with Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg.


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