Bubble Activities and Bubble Shows

Bubble Activities and Bubble Shows!

Fun for ages 2 to 102!
Everyone loves bubbles.  Whether you prefer making bubbles, or POP-A-LOPPING them, Bubbles are a great way to have fun, and for willing adults, a way to relax and calm the nerves!
Program Time: 1 hour
Program Description:  At first, kid's are encouraged to blow bubbles using ordinary bubble solution.  Then, it's switched to Dr. Presto's Patented Pop-Reistant Power Mix, and kids watch in absolute amazement as they watch giant bubbles float around!  Better yet, THEY THEN MAKE THEIR OWN!

Also, we explain the science behind bubbles, and even show them how to make square and triangle bubbles!  Clean messy fun for everyone!

Bubble Activities - $150 for 1 hour

Small Bubble Show (Indoor Only) + Activities - $250

To Get A Quote

To request a quote, please call us at 203-808-1767 or send us an e-mail topeteandchrisamusements@gmail.com mentioning the desired date and time ranges (in case we are already booked on a particular day), what the desired service is, and the location of the event.  We will respond as quickly as we can.  If we don't, then it may be due to being busy at the moment entertaining another happy, giggling kid!

Please note: No date is reserved until deposit payment received!

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